PETIT-ROCHER (GNB) – The 29th Provincial French Pride Week was officially launched today at Le Domaine Étudiant school in Petit-Rocher. The week runs from March 19 to 23.

Students presented a show focusing on the French language and New Brunswick’s Acadian and francophone culture. This year’s theme is La francophonie s’expose, ma fierté explose! (the Francophonie exposes itself, my pride explodes!)

“I applaud all francophones and francophiles who make the French language so alive in New Brunswick, and I invite all students and New Brunswickers to join me to celebrate the cultural and artistic richness of the French language which is exhibited by speaking French with pride during this week and every time they have the opportunity to do so,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny. “I am proud to speak French and I am proud to live in a province where it is important to promote the Acadian and francophone culture.”

Artwork was produced by Grade 5 to 8 students at École Terre des Jeunes in Paquetville, in co-operation with multidisciplinary artist Michelle Smith.

The wooden artwork represents the landscape of the Paquetville area. It includes a timeline of francophone communities that retained their cultural heritage in spite of some displacements. It also features text that reads: Ici en Acadie, nous avons à cœur notre langue française et notre culture acadienne… notre héritage fait de nous un peuple fier et libre de s’exprimer en français partout dans la francophonie. (Here in Acadie, we care for our French language and our Acadian culture… our heritage makes us a proud people free to express itself in French throughout the Francophonie.)

During the week, students from the province’s 94 francophone schools will celebrate their pride in the French language, as well as their commitment to their culture.

Activities being organized in the classroom will include rallies, dictation competitions, treasure hunts, spelling bees and activities related to a special booklet prepared by the newspaper Acadie Nouvelle.

École L’Odyssée in Moncton will host the opening ceremony of the week in 2019.

Provincial French Pride Week (website in French only) is organized in close co-operation with various civic, community, school and media partners and the provincial government.