Government of New Brunswick

The Department of Education (Student Services – English Educational Services Division) is pleased to provide this listing of provincial and national scholarships. Please note that this is a projected list based on scholarships advertised during the current school year. While it is expected that these scholarships will be offered on a yearly basis, changes may occur within the organization offering the scholarship that may cause variability. We encourage you to explore the web site and inform us if discrepancies are noted. As well, the eligibility criteria, dollar value and deadline dates may vary from year to year. The 2004-2005 information has been included to provide the viewer with a point of reference. Please view the scholarship web sites for updated information on the current school year.

There are many other scholarships and bursaries available to students. All students are encouraged to see their local high school guidance counsellor for information on local, regional and school based scholarship’s and bursaries.

For further information, please contact Brian Kelly, Director of Student Services