New Brunswick Education Summit 



The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will be hosting an Education Summit on October 16, 17, 18, 2019 in Fredericton. Supporting the objectives of the 10-Year Education Plans, the summit will be an opportunity to reimagine education. This dialogue will allow participants to hear various perspectives, learn from each other and share ideas about transforming education as we know it into a system that nurtures future ready learners who are empowered to better their world.

Selected participants, including students, parents, school personnel, early childhood personnel, District Education Councils, First Nations, community leaders and business stakeholders, will be invited to contribute to the three-day conference. More details are available in the AGENDA.

All New Brunswickers are also invited to join the conversation and reimagine education. Please consult the GREEN PAPER and share your ideas by emailing your comments at


World renowned speakers and researchers in the field of early learning, education innovation, leadership and community partnerships will inspire participants to reimagine what it means to be engaged learners ready to contribute to a productive, just, and democratic society.  


New Brunswick’s passionate and dedicated educators and leaders understand the moral imperative to transform education for our children and youth. The Summit will serve as a catalyst to energize positive change and showcase New Brunswick’s innovators and leaders by sharing their experiences.


The Summit will support empowerment, which makes individuals and communities fit to accomplish their mission, to rise to the challenge, and to take charge of transforming our province through education. Our educational structures and leadership culture must be conducive to ensuring that educators have the autonomy and authority to respond to the unique needs of all learners.