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Perception Surveys - Overview

The annual provincial student survey provides school staff, Parent School Support Committees (PSSCs), school districts, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development with data for making informed decisions as they plan school and system improvements. Survey results provide a starting point for discussions on many aspects of school practices related to student learning.

This year, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development began a collaborative effort with the NB Health Council and the Department of Health to integrate two provincial surveys and provide results for all indicators annually. The new, integrated survey contains questions based on school effectiveness research as well as an extensive range of wellness-related topics such as nutrition, physical activity, substance use, mental wellness, bullying and, resilience. During this transition year, only the Grade 6-12 survey was integrated and education and wellness-related reports were published separately. Education indicators are contained on this site whereas the student wellness report can be found on the NB Health Council website.

Survey content is slightly different for elementary students vs. middle and high school students to accommodate reading skills and appropriateness of topics. Next year the elementary school survey will be integrated with the wellness survey as well.

Students participated in the survey in November-December 2021. Reports are based on responses from 7,872 elementary students (Grades 4 and 5) and 29,000 middle and high school students (Grades 6-12) in the Anglophone sector.

Magnetic Hill School - Student Perception Survey Results

Elementary (Grades 4-5)
Perception Survey
Secondary (Grades 6-12)
Perception Survey

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