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Understanding the Results

Provincial Assessment Results

This report provides school-level data on provincial assessments. The Provincial Assessment Results table outlines the subjects and the grade levels assessed. It also provides the assessment targets to be achieved by 2025 as part of the provincial education plan. Three years of data are presented for your school, enabling you to see how your school is performing over time

Provincial Targets

Ninety percent of students will achieve appropriate or higher levels on provincial language, mathematical and scientific literacies assessments at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

  • NR = Not Reportable (too few students to report results in accordance with the Department’s confidentiality guidelines).
  • Dash (-) = Assessment was not yet developed
  • Blank = Assessment was not administered (e.g., the assessment does not pertain to a particular grade level; in 2019-20 provincial assessments were suspended after school closures due to COVID-19 except for the ELPA)
  • For Grade 4, 6, and 10 assessments, all students are included when calculating the results, other than those who were absent when the assessment was administered. The percentage of students with exemptions is counted in the Below Appropriate Achievement category.
  • For the ELPA, the percentage of students who are absent or exempt, is not included in the calculation since this is a graduation requirement and students may attempt the assessment several times.
  • 2018-19 Grade 6 results should not be compared with previous years. This is due to adjustment of the assessments in 2018-19 and application of new analysis methodology introduced for better alignment of the Francophone and Anglophone sectors.
  • 2019-20 ELPA results should not be compared to previous years due to application of new analysis methodology.
  • Transition to the new analysis methodology has now been completed for all assessments. 

Exemption Rates

In certain circumstances, it is necessary and appropriate for students to be exempted from participating in provincial assessments if the testing format does not allow demonstration of their learning, even with accommodations. Exemptions fall into three broad categories: academic, social/emotional and unforeseen. Typically, academic exemptions are sought for students following an individualized Personalized Learning Plan (PLP-I). Students who are exempt due to an PLP-I should be assessed on those goals that are set out in their Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

The Exemption Rates table identifies the percentage of students who were formally excused from a provincial assessment. 

For more information on exemptions and accommodations, refer to the online document Provincial Assessment Program: Protocols for Accommodations and Exemptions.


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