Government of New Brunswick

What is Hopeful Transition planning?

Transitions happen when we move from one major milestone to another. It’s not an event, but a process of change as diverse as the people who experience it (Mitchell, D. & Sutherland, D., 2020). In the school context, the most obvious transitions are from early childhood to kindergarten, from elementary school to middle school, from middle school to high school, and from high school to post-secondary. These moments can bring about many changes and challenges, but careful preparation can make these sometimes-overwhelming periods hopeful.

Planning for transitions is not limited to helping students with career choice. The key to successful transitions is providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to obtain employment and/or pursue their education, improve their economic and social well-being, and achieve their life goals.

This planning cannot be a one-size-fits all approach for students. Transition planning is unique to each learner as it is student-centered. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is currently working on a guide and tool to help support Hopeful Transitions for each learner grades 6-12.