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Below are a number of websites which offer learning experiences in basic French concepts that you can try at home. Many of the websites are accessible in English and French, and provide helpful exercises in reading, writing and counting.



Mini TFO

This site offers daily activities for you to try at home, including French sing alongs, stories, and reinforcement for colours, numbers and the alphabet.




Literacy Centre.Net

This website is an online tool to practice identifying and pronouncing French numbers, shapes, colours, and the alphabet using colourful and interactive animation tools.




Practice numbers in French with your child by visiting this interactive site.



Hello World

This site offers free French activities which help to learn basic concepts in French, such as learning the alphabet, colours and numbers, learning basic vocabulary and common phrases, and singing along with songs in French.

  • Colours activity
  • French Sing Along



This site offers kids a fun and interactive site in French and English, with plenty of fun games to try at home. Animated characters guide your child through counting games, spelling bees and karaoke!



La Souris

La Souris' page has a number of links to resources in French for elementary school-aged children.




This site has a variety of different games in French for your children to enjoy!



Kids R Crafty

A bilingual website with simple drawing and writing activities for you to try at home.




The Easy French Literature features classic stories like Sleeping Beauty (La belle au bois dormant) using the original French text, while also offering an English translation by simply moving your cursor over certain words. Audio of the text is also included to support proper pronunciation and comprehension.

Easy French Literature Website