Government of New Brunswick

1. Direct assessment, intervention and support services:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Short-term counselling.
  • Design and implementation of individual and small group intervention strategies.
  • Follow-up with children and youth or their families.
  • Assessment services, including completion of file synthesis, targeted evaluations and comprehensive data collection processes.
  • Collaboration with other team members in the design and delivery of comprehensive and integrated assessment and intervention activities.
  • Short-term interventions or supports to caregivers and families to deliver services to children and youth.
  • Help to caregivers and families to identify and connect with essential community and departmental services.

2. Case co-ordination:

  • Provision of ongoing case co-ordination and follow-up to ensure continuity of service provision for assigned clients.
  • Participation in weekly case planning meetings of the C&Y teams.
  • Co-ordination of intervention strategies with school personnel and departmental and community service providers.
  • Collaboration with other departmental service-providers in organizing and delivering step-up and step-down supports or interventions.
  • Consultation with the C&Y team leads and other team members on areas of clinical concern.
  • Execution of administrative functions such as recording case management notes and completion of written assessment reports.

3. Consultation and training:

  • Participation as clinical consultants on individual student cases or educational service delivery programs/approaches at school-based student services team meetings.
  • Provision of consultation to school and community leaders on approaches for promoting positive mental-health perspectives and practices.
  • Provision of training to other educational and service professionals in effective approaches for working with children and youth with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Who is Eligible

Our services and programs will be available to children and youth up to 18 years of age either in school or in the community (and up to 21 for those within the public school system) with identified multiple needs as defined by core areas of adaptation, including:

  • physical health and wellness;
  • emotional and behavioural functioning*;
  • family relationships;
  • educational development;
  • mental-health challenges; and
  • addictions.

For children younger than five, profesionals will work with early childhood development services to offer consultation services, transition planning and clinical support for prevention and early intervention programs at school or in the community.

Professionals will provide clients who turn 18 (or those up to 21 and within the public school system) with transition planning to appropriate adult services.

*To ensure appropriate referrals to the services offered by the C&Y teams, children or youth will have to present moderate to severe internalizing and externalizing (emotional/behavioural) features (using the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale) and demonstrate significant impairment or disruption in functioning in at least one of the other four core areas of adaptation.

In instances where children and youth may demonstrate more complex needs requiring more intensive interventions, professionals will collaborate to ensure access to appropriate tertiary level supports with emphasis placed on step-down transition planning for less intensive and/or intrusive services.