Autism Resource Hub for Parents/Guardians of Children With ASD

The Autism Resource Hub, created by Autism Learning Partnership (ALP), is intended for New Brunswick parents/guardians of a child with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This site brings together resources created by ALP and other existing resources that could help parents/guardians accompany their child.  A public consultation with New Brunswick parents/guardians and stakeholders was conducted to better understand the needs of parents. The ALP team then used the results of this consultation to design this site.

The resources focus on different themes and are presented in a variety of formats to better meet your needs. ALP is committed to continue adding new resources to the site to make it a relevant and meaningful tool for parents/guardians.

Use the navigation bar on the top of your screen to explore the site’s content and to select the resources you are interested in.

Learning together is fun

ASD & Behavioural Interventions
Access for Parents/Guardians

Online training modules initially designed for professionals are being offered to New Brunswick parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These core-concept modules provide parents with an initial training in the understanding of the characteristics of ASD, their impact on learning as well as behavioural interventions and their implementation. This online training includes 25 hours of self-paced instruction with interactive activities to ensure mastery of critical knowledge and skills.