Government of New Brunswick

Haulage rates have been established by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for the haulage of specified Soil, Rock and Aggregate materials, as well as Asphalt Concrete. These rates are paid to truckers for performing services on behalf of the province.

A comprehensive review of rates is performed by the department annually.

New Brunswick Haulage Rates (Yearly Base Rates)

Rate Schedules

Average Increase/
Decrease Applied

Effective Date

May 2022


May 1, 2022 – Present

Diesel Fuel Escalation Surcharge

Throughout the year fuel prices will be monitored for increases from the benchmark fuel price of $2.00/Litre. Base Rates will be increased by 1.5% for each 10 cent incremental change in the price of Diesel above the $2.00 Benchmark. Fuel prices will typically be reviewed every other Friday and any increase will remain in effect for a 2-week period. However, if there are significant changes to the price of Diesel or the price of fuel appears very volatile, fuel prices may be reviewed more frequently.

Date Reviewed

Reviewed Price
of Diesel

Surcharge Applied
(% Increase
to Base Rates)

Effective Period

September 15, 2023



September 15, 2023 –
September 28, 2023

September 29, 2023






  • Click on the applicable date to see the rate schedule to be applied for the period.
  • Rates are to be paid as of the effective date. Work performed before the effective date is to be paid as of the last approved revision.
  • Fuel Surcharge increases are only valid for the period specified and are not permanent or cumulative. Haulage Rates always return to their yearly base rates at the end of any specified period.