Government of New Brunswick

In May of 2021, staff at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) cleared out debris from various culverts under Route 105 at the Ferris Street Nature Preserve in Fredericton. The removal of a beaver dam in one of the culverts led to drainage of a wetland in the Ferris Street Nature Preserve. At the time, the department worked quickly to implement a temporary solution to increase water levels in the wetland while a more permanent solution was considered. DTI has been working over the past few months to design a permanent solution that will maintain water levels in the wetland area and avoid this situation from occurring again in the future.

DTI’s solution is to install a water control structure at the inlet of the drainage culvert along route 105 that will allow water to build up to a certain elevation in the wetland area. It will also allow the water to exit through the control structure and through the drainage culvert if water levels raise to an elevation that threatens the integrity of DTI infrastructure. 

Due to inclement weather conditions, fluctuations in water levels due to heavy rains resulting in significant difficulties control and managing water in the work area, the installation of the water control structure has been postponed to summer 2022. DTI will be in the area removing a beaver dam located inside the Regiment Creek culvert.

The work follows through on a promise to deliver a solution that protects DTI infrastructure and wildlife in this sensitive area.