Government of New Brunswick

Construction of a new roundabout to link Brookside Drive and Route 105 will begin this June. This important project will improve safety and traffic flow as well as reduce travel delays, congestion, queueing, and idling. 

Route 105 from Brookside Drive to Westmorland Street experiences significant traffic congestion during peak traffic periods. On average, 15,000 vehicles travel on Route 105 through the intersection daily while 9,500 vehicles also travel through the intersection daily via Brookside Drive. 

Roundabouts have been proven to be an effective tool to improve traffic flow and reduce the number of traffic accidents at intersections. There have been too many accidents at the Brookside Drive – Route 105 intersection and the new roundabout will significantly improve traffic safety.  

The new roundabout will also provide full access to the commercial and retail area along Brookside Drive and linking streets.

The roundabout is scheduled to open in November 2022.

Please see this video to learn how the roundabout will look.