REXTON (GNB) – This construction season, the provincial government will be installing shoulder and centreline rumble strips on two sections of Route 11 between Miramichi and Bouctouche to enhance traveller safety.

“This is the first time centerline rumble strips will be installed on two-lane highways in the province,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Jill Green. “Other jurisdictions have successfully implemented them, and this will provide us with an opportunity to evaluate their effectiveness.”

Shoulder and centreline rumble strips will be installed on a 12-km section, from South Napan Road to McKenzie Road, and a 15-km section, from the Rexton interchange to the Saint-Pierre Road overpass.

Both centreline and shoulder rumble strips are grooves in the pavement that create vibrations and noise to alert drivers when they are leaving their lane. Research indicates that this safety measure can help reduce vehicle collisions.

“Safety is and always will be our top priority,” said Green. “We continue to review various safety options to help decrease collision rates and enhance traveller safety along Route 11.”

The project tender is expected to be posted by June.