FREDERICTON (GNB) — With warmer weather on the horizon and construction season now underway, the provincial government and its industry partners are reminding motorists to slow down.

“We urge all motorists, when entering a construction zone, to drive with caution,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Oliver. “Simply by heeding the warnings and speed-reduction signs in construction zones, motorists can ensure their own safety and the safety of workers. New Brunswick highways are especially busy in the summer months with individuals travelling across the province and construction season in full swing.”

The department is again partnering with the New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, WorkSafeNB and the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association on the annual safety campaign.

“This campaign is crucial to remind residents to respect our construction zones and construction workers,” said Tom McGinn, executive director of the New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association. “Everyone has a role to play when it comes to safety. By reducing their speed and paying attention to construction signage, motorists can ensure they are not putting someone’s life at risk.”

The annual campaign will include messages distributed through social media and on the radio.

Each year, hundreds of people work at summer construction projects on provincial roads. For safety reasons, speed limits are lowered in constructions zones. Drivers are reminded that, if they get caught speeding in highway construction zones, they face double the minimum fine.

“These men and women are making our roads safe by putting in long hours of hard work,” said Oliver. “It is important for motorists to slow down. We need to do our part to make it safe for them.”

Oliver also encouraged those involved in traffic control on provincial roads to review the Work Area Traffic Control Manual.