FREDERICTON (GNB) – The designs for the new Fredericton courthouse, which will be situated in the renovated and redesigned Centennial Building, were unveiled today.

“I am pleased to present the design for the Fredericton region’s new, state-of-the-art courthouse facilities,” said Deputy premier Stephen Horsman. “Our government feels that this project preserves important aspects of the former Centennial Building and ensures that an existing government-owned asset will be used to its fullest.”

Horsman spoke on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser.

The Centennial Building is undergoing a five-year, $76 million redevelopment. Several phases of the project have already been completed.

The new courthouse will be a six-story structure occupying the southeast portion of the Centennial Building site. The new design includes main level secure parking for the judiciary; a secure detention area, a sheriff’s suite; 11 courtrooms and two hearing rooms for the Provincial Court, Court of Queens Bench and Courts of Appeal. It will have space for various court services, a law library and a barristers area.

A space-utilization review by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure in 2015 determined that repurposing the Centennial Building could reduce expenses related to office space.

The Centennial Building, built to celebrate Canada’s centenary, was described as ultra-modern when it opened in 1967. More information on the building’s history and heritage is available online.