FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government and its industry partners launched their annual construction zone safety awareness campaign today. The campaign reminds motorists to heed posted speed limits and exercise caution when driving in and around construction zones.

“When you speed in a construction zone, you are endangering the life of someone’s mother, father, sister or brother,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “For their safety, please slow down and follow the posted speed limit.”

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is partnering with the New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, WorkSafeNB and the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association on the annual safety campaign.

Each year, hundreds of people work at summer construction projects on provincial roads. For safety reasons, speed limits are lowered in constructions zones. Drivers in New Brunswick are reminded that if they get caught speeding in highway construction zones they face double the minimum fine.

“When it comes to making sure our construction zones are safe, everyone has a role to play,” said Tom McGinn, executive director of the New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association. “Drivers can do their part by paying attention to construction signage and reducing their speed.”

With the busy summer construction season fast approaching, Fraser encouraged all those involved in traffic control on provincial roads to review the Work Area Traffic Control Manual.

“As construction workers strive to keep our highways safe for drivers, drivers should strive to keep our highways safe for construction workers,” said Fraser.

The department’s $688.2-million capital budget reflects the government’s priority of investing strategically in its buildings, highways and bridges. Strategic investments in infrastructure are a key component of the multi-year New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan, the government’s framework for growing the economy and creating jobs.