DOAKTOWN (GNB) – An official opening was held today for the reconstructed Doak House barn.

“As we all know, the Doak House barn was an important part of the Doak House Provincial Heritage Place,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “This project will ensure the barn continues to play a part in showcasing New Brunswick’s proud cultural heritage.”

After emigrating from Scotland to the Miramichi area, Robert Doak purchased the property in 1825. In addition to farming, Doak was a prominent merchant and mill operator.

The barn had to be torn down after a 2014 structural assessment determined the structure was in poor condition, with substantial rot and structural damage.

At a public meeting in April 2016, the provincial government unveiled plans for a new, multi-use facility. Feedback from the community indicated support for the idea, as long as the new structure resembled the original building.

“The work done here on this project is a tremendous example of what we can achieve when government and communities work together;” said Fraser. “This is a great addition to your community, and I look forward to coming back here for the activities that I am sure will be taking place going forward.”

The site was officially designated under the Heritage Conservation Act in 1993.