Government of New Brunswick

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is preparing for the construction of a roundabout at Route 105 (Ring Road) Two Nations Crossing intersection.

Route 105 from Brookside Drive to the Westmorland Street bridge experiences significant traffic congestion during peak periods. The roundabout will improve safety and traffic flow, reduce travel delays, congestion, queueing and idling.

All users will benefit from the new roundabout, which will provide full access to the commercial and retail area along Two Nations Crossing and linking streets.  As part of this project, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will also extend the concrete median barrier from Two Nations Crossing to Maple Street.  The removal of the southbound left-turn lane at Maple Street will significantly reduce collision rates.

With improved traffic flow, these upgrades will reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from congestion and enhance travel for all commuters.

Work is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2018.

The drawing below shows the configuration of the new roundabout, and the video simulation on this page provides an example of traffic movements through the roundabout.