Government of New Brunswick
Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage in New Brunswick is controlled by the Highway Advertisements Regulation 97-143 – Highway Act, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The purpose of highway signage is to provide drivers with essential information they need to make informed decisions. As such, priority for signing along New Brunswick’s highways is given to guide, regulatory and warning signs. After these highway signing priority needs are met, commercial signs are permitted on various classes of highway.

To achieve a balance between keeping highways safe and uncluttered, commercial signage on level I and level II controlled access highways is available to businesses providing tourism-related activities and attractions that qualify as "specific interest". Commercial signage for other types of qualifying businesses is available on highways other than level I and level II controlled access highways.

Please note: Due to the high volume of sign requests, especially under the TOD and Service Symbol sign programs, as well as unplanned emergency sign requests, the entire process of having a business approved, and sign manufactured and installed can take up to 6-8 weeks.  It is recommended that you submit your request in advance of the tourism season in which you wish to have your sign installed.

Questions or concerns? Please send them to [email protected]