Government of New Brunswick


To encourage and support New Brunswick fruit and mixed vegetable producers who want to increase production by providing financial assistance for adopting season extension technologies; enhancing storage capacity; adopting equipment to improve efficiencies; and investing in irrigation systems.


A) Eligible Applicants:

• New Brunswick small fruit and mixed vegetable producers, including new entrants that supply NB consumers with fresh fruits and vegetables.

B) Eligibility Criteria:

• Activities must be carried out within the province of New Brunswick.
• Applicants may be required to submit a business plan and/or a completed program questionnaire.


The Fruit and Vegetable Industry Development Program has four elements:

• Element A: Assistance for season extension technologies
• Element B- Assistance for post-harvest cooling, refrigerating, freezing and On-Farm Storage Systems
• Element C- Assistance for equipment that allow improved efficiencies and increase production capacity
• Element D- Assistance for field irrigation equipment and water source development

The market for locally produced New Brunswick fruit and mixed vegetable crops has grown significantly during the past few years, however; only 8% of the vegetables that are consumed in New Brunswick are produced in the province. This program will provide support to producers who want to build more production capacity to capture this market. It will also respond to the recent food security concerns, thus reducing the provinces reliance on imported fruits and vegetables.

Funds will be awarded on project merit and objectives of the program (risk and benefit to Province of New Brunswick). Merit will be determined by the department based on the following criteria: 1) comprehensive project description and justifications (application form, business plan, questionnaire), 2) suitability to immediate situation of the applicant, 3) project impact on the operation and on the sector, 4) proposed budget, 5) whether the project involves other producers and 6) experience of the applicant.

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