WICKLOW (GNB) – New interactive maps that will help existing and prospective farmers identify properties that may be favourable to certain crops were officially launched today.

The new site suitability maps were created by staff at the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries.

“The site suitability website is an example of how the government uses innovation and technology to help drive economic growth,” said Agriculture, Mines and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Harvey. “This is a first stop for prospective new farmers looking to establish and for existing farmers considering expansion of their operations.”

The maps are intended to help farmers narrow down sites worthy of further research and investigation.

The maps were developed using data including growing days, soil drainage, slope and frost risk. Users can also access information about the property size and tax assessments for land.

The public can access the following maps online:

  • apples
  • corn and soy
  • grapes
  • hemp
  • potatoes
  • small grains

“This web application supports our efforts to promote new farmers entering the profession in order to continue to grow the economy and generate jobs,” said Harvey. “New Brunswick has everything a new farmer could want: welcoming communities, an abundant supply of clean water and good, fertile land at relatively affordable prices. This is one more way your government is working to get things done.”

Supporting the production of local foods and helping new entrants in the agriculture industry are key components of the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan, the provincial government’s plan to grow the economy and create job opportunities. It outlines how the government will mobilize to ensure there is a co-ordinated, complementary effort to improve New Brunswick’s economy and realize maximum benefits.

Farming in New Brunswick… A Road Map for New Entrants, is a reference manual to assist those who are interested in a career in farming. It includes a list of the licences and permits required for various types of farming operations, with instructions on how to obtain them, as well as information about developing a business plan and identifying markets.