Government of New Brunswick

We support and promote New Brunswick’s important farming, fishing and aquaculture sectors. Managed by the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (DAAF), we also promote the wide variety of local products available in our province.



Our Priorities

Support Local Farmers and Fishermen

We want every New Brunswick food and beverage producer to succeed. There are many easy ways for you to support them and help keep profits here at home, like buying product from:

  • Farm gates
  • Farm/fish markets
  • Community supported agriculture boxes (CSA)
  • Wharfs
  • Speciality stores
  • Beverage and liquor stores/outlets

Create and Maintain Local Jobs

Agriculture , aquaculture , fisheries and agri-food sectors are an important part of our economy. They support local businesses and economic growth, keep people employed at home and create stability in rural communities.

Strengthen Our Community

When we buy local, we support our producers and in turn , our producers support local communities by generating employment , income for local businesses and nourishment to both rural and urban communities.

Promote Healthy Eating

Local food is fresher than food that has been shipped long distances. Our local fruit, veggies, meat and eggs are at their nutritional peak when we buy from local farm gates, farmers' markets, pick-your-own farms and grocery stores.

Protect the Environment

Local food travels fewer kilometres and has less packaging.
Foods from outside New Brunswick often travel thousands of kilometres to our plates - that's a lot of greenhouse gas emissions
that can be avoided just by supporting and buying local!

We support and promote New Brunswick’s important farming, fishing, and aquaculture sectors as well as the wide variety of other local value-added products available in our province.


Summer Provincial Tour

Every summer, we travel across our province to our farmers' markets, festivals, exhibitions and other related events, connecting with "locavores" in every corner of the province to answer questions and share information about our local foods and beverages.

Roadside Stops

We also travel to local farms, fisheries, wineries, breweries and many more local businesses to hear their stories and share them with you. You'll see these stories come to life online in our Stories from the Road webpage.