Government of New Brunswick

Thank you for your input, the consultation period is now closed.    

The Province’s covered bridges and ferries are recognized as symbols of ingenuity in transportation and offer value to the Province’s identity, heritage and culture.

It is for these reasons that the Government of New Brunswick has asked the Departments of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) and Tourism, Heritage and Culture (THC) to develop a long-term management strategy that will provide a framework for the optimization and conservation of these assets, and to maximize their value for New Brunswick.

The final strategy will consist of two sections.

A) Covered Bridges – Currently, DTI owns, manages, and maintains 54 covered bridges. Given their social value, age, and condition, these bridges create unique asset management challenges and opportunities. As such, DTI and THC are developing a prioritization framework to help manage this culturally sensitive asset group.

B) River Ferries – DTI owns, manages and maintains 6 river ferry crossings. This section of the strategy will analyse current ferry operations, traffic and passenger data, to develop a forecast of future service demands and expectations. This information will help build a management strategy that ensures the sustainability of the Province’s ferry operations.

For this process to succeed we need to hear from the users of New Brunswick’s covered bridges and ferries.