Government of New Brunswick

The first steps in creating jobs that women and men in New Brunswick want and need is to ensure that the workforce has a strong foundation in essential skills such as reading, writing, and working with digital technologies. Learning begins in the home. Parents and families are a child’s first and most important teacher.

Literacy is one of the most important skills when it comes to our personal growth, culture and development. It is even more important today because of how our economy and society are changing. Around the world, governments, businesses and people are becoming more and more connected by digital technologies.

Challenges with literacy affect all of the people of New Brunswick. These challenges have negative impacts on our workforce, the well-being of our communities, our economy and our day-to-day lives in our province.

New Brunswick is dealing with a weak economy and rising unemployment. At the same time, we are having a hard time finding workers with the right skills to fill the new jobs that are becoming available. We are also not hearing about or celebrating our successes.

The only way to get those jobs is to be able to read, write and use digital technologies. By addressing these issues now and learning throughout life, we will have a stronger New Brunswick for us, our children and our communities.