From moments to milestones – SNB is there

SNB is the often the first step in New Brunswickers’ big moments – whether you’re registering a business, getting your first driver’s licence, or being supported in the hospital when you have a new baby.

While you may be most familiar with the staff at your local SNB customer service centre, our employees can be found throughout the province.

We’re New Brunswick’s largest employer of IT professionals.  Our staff work in hospitals, maintaining equipment as clinical engineers or servicing the laundry and linens. We’re property assessors, translators, and procurement specialists. And that’s just a start. 

Who we are

Service New Brunswick (SNB) is home to more than 2,400 employees who share a common vision: "Excellence in Service Delivery." 

SNB is a Crown corporation administered by the Province of New Brunswick and overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

We provide a wide range of services to the public, as well as to internal customers in the Government of New Brunswick. We offer careers in various divisions, including:

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Corporate Services and Strategic Procurement

This team performs essential functions for SNB such as strategy and policy management, HR, financial services, and facilities management. Employees also secure essential goods and services for government entities.

Health Services

Health Services staff maintain medical devices, manage a seamless supply chain, provide laundry services, and implement energy conservation in hospitals and government facilities.

Enterprise Services

A vital hub of the Government of New Brunswick, this team oversees payroll, benefits, language accessibility, printing, postal distribution, collections, accounts payables and support for public programs and rebates.

Public Services

This team is the pivotal connection between residents and the Government of New Brunswick. Staff help the public access services and forms such as Medicare, driver's licences, trail permits, hunting and fishing licenses and registries.

Property Assessment Services

This team is responsible for the valuation and classification of all real property in New Brunswick and provides essential information for tax determination by other government departments.

Technology Services

Technology Services oversees all Information Technology solutions for the Government of New Brunswick while focusing on technology modernization and continuous improvement.

It’s not just a job

Your work at Service New Brunswick is more than just a job. It’s a career that really matters. Review and apply to job opportunities in a wide range of public services.

A lot of people have jobs they enjoy. And a lot of people are proud of the work they do every day. But how many people also have the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in the lives of an entire province? That’s what makes a position with Service New Brunswick so rewarding. When you join our team, you get a job that really makes an impact.