Tenant rights

Learn about your rights when living in a residential rental property

Your rights as a tenant

Knowing your rights as a tenant in New Brunswick will help ensure that you have a positive renting experience and can enjoy your home comfortably. In New Brunswick, the Residential Tenancies Act outlines your rights as a tenant. Tenants have a right to:

  • A copy of the signed lease agreement
  • The fulfillment of all lease agreement terms and inclusions
  • To receive a rental unit that is safe, clean, and fit to live in
  • A rental unit that is well-maintained and meets all housing and building standards
  • Common areas that are safe and clean
  • Requested maintenance and repairs are completed within a reasonable amount of time
  • Protection from the deliberate interruption of the supply of heat, water, or electric power services to the premises, except in an emergency
  • Receive proper notice before entry by a landlord, except in an emergency
  • Protection from being locked out of a rental unit by a landlord
  • Request the review of any notices to increase rent, change, or end a lease by a Residential Tenancies Officer

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The Residential Tenancies Act

The Residential Tenancies Act outlines the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants and other matters relating to residential rental agreements.

To view the Act:

 The Residential Tenancies Act