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Quickly find online and printable forms for tenants and landlords, all in one place


Quickly find online and printable forms for tenants and landlords.

Applying online is the quickest way to have your forms received and processed, and we encourage you to apply online where available.

Printed or digital copies of completed forms to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal by email to, by fax at 1-855-658-3096, by mail to PO Box 5001, Moncton, NB, E1C 8R3, or bring it to a Service New Brunswick service centre.

Lease information

The standard lease

A lease creates a contract between a landlord and a tenant when renting a residential property. We highly recommended a written lease because it clearly specifies what a landlord and tenant are agreeing to when renting a property.

Standard Form of Lease (PDF)

Assign a lease

A lease agreement may require that get your landlord’s permission before assigning your lease to someone else. To get consent, you will need to complete a Request for Consent to Assign form and serve it to your landlord.

Request for Consent to Assign Form (PDF)

Ending a lease

We offer printable Notice of Termination forms that landlords and tenants can use. If this form is used, a signature is required. Landlords use the Notice of Termination to Tenant form, and tenants use the Notice of Termination to Landlord form.  

Victims of domestic violence can end their lease early

A tenant that is the victim of domestic violence can end their lease early.

Terminate a Lease Early – Victim of Domestic Violence Form (PDF)

If your landlord asks you for documentation, you may provide them a signed Third-Party Declaration.

Third-Party Declaration (PDF)

Roommate agreement

When more than one tenant is named on the lease agreement, they are all equally responsible for the rental unit, any damages, and the full rent amount. We encourage completing a roommate agreement together so there is a clear understanding of household rules and expectations.

Roommate Agreement Form (PDF)


Inspection report

Before a tenant moves in or out, the landlord and tenant should walk through the rental unit together and inspect it thoroughly. An Accommodation Inspection Report will provide a record of the condition of the rental property from the beginning to the end of the lease.

Accommodation Inspection Report (PDF)

Security deposits

Pay a security deposit

A tenant may pay a security deposit to the landlord or directly to a Service New Brunswick service centre. A Certificate of deposit (receipt) will be mailed to both the landlord and tenant.

Submit your Security Deposit Form (PDF)

Apply for the return of your security deposit

Applying online as soon as you move out is the quickest and easiest way to have your security deposit returned to you. Your application will be processed at the end of your lease term.  All tenants named on the Certificate of Deposit must apply for the return of their portion of the security deposit separately.

Transfer a security deposit

You can transfer your security deposit to another rental unit or another tenant. 

Submit a claim against security deposit

If the rental unit is dirty or damaged, or there is unpaid rent, utilities or late fees, landlords can make a claim against the security deposit. To do this, a Security Deposit Claim form must be submitted to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal within 7 days of the end of the lease.

Security Deposit Claim Form (PDF)

The video below is available in case you need any help completing the security deposit claim form.

How to Successfully Complete the 'Security Deposit Claim Form

Apply for the refund of your security deposit

This form should be used when tenants and their landlord have reached an agreement on the refund of the security deposit and payment of claim.



Buying or selling a rental property

Sold a rental property

A notice of transfer is mandatory when selling a property that has tenants. The notice must be completed by the seller and served to both the tenant and the Residential Tenancies Tribunal within 7 days of the transfer of ownership.

Form 8 – Notice of Transfer (PDF)

Solve a problem

Notice of complaint

A written complaint can be a printed or hand-written letter. It is important to keep a copy of your written complaint for your files. If your complaint is hand-written, you can take a picture of the original letter. For your convenience, we offer a Notice of Complaint form that can be used to create a written complaint:

Notice of Complaint Form (PDF)

Apply for assistance with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal

If you have a problem, either as a tenant or a landlord, you can get help from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

For tenants

For landlords


Notice to vacate

Landlords use this form to give tenants notice to vacate when the tenants have failed to pay rent and the landlord wants to end the tenancy.

If the tenant pays all the rent due within 7 days of getting the Notice, the Notice will be cancelled, and the tenant doesn't have to move out.

Notice to Vacate Form (PDF)

Final notice to vacate

If a tenant does not pay rent again, and has previously been served a Notice to Vacate, the landlord may choose to serve a Final Notice to Vacate. The Final Notice to Vacate no longer offers the possibility of paying rent within 7 days.

Final Notice to Vacate Form (PDF)

Landlord application to end a lease early

Landlords may apply to end a lease agreement early if a tenant is causing extensive damage to the rental unit or property, creating a health or safety risk or conducting illegal activity on site. To do this, they must apply to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

Form 3 - Application to the Residential Tenancies Officer (PDF)

Consent to the release of confidential information

You may have a person speak to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal on your behalf by completing this form.

Authorization to Release Confidential Information (PDF)