VISION: Every child will get the best possible education to make the most of their lives. Young New Brunswick graduates will be able to compete with the best in the world in the areas they are passionate. New Brunswick youth will be viewed as top candidates by post-secondary institutions and employers, and will contribute their best to society.

New Brunswick’s education system must go above and beyond so our young people are able to thrive. We cannot afford to lag behind or simply keep pace with other provinces and nations. We need to do things differently to prepare our children to become successful adults who can lead all New Brunswickers forward. Providing students with the best possible education will empower them to pursue meaningful career options and improve their overall quality of life.

Our children deserve a world-class education with access to learning opportunities that will improve their comprehension of math, literacy and science. These foundational skills will allow youth to continue to succeed long after they graduate.

We are exploring new educational approaches to teach more students than ever to converse in both official languages. This will allow our young people to better compete in our bilingual province’s ever-changing job markets.

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