VISION: New Brunswick communities will be vibrant, sustainable, welcoming and prosperous. Local governments will provide strong leadership and will collaborate to improve quality of life for everyone while taking long-term
conservation into account.

Vibrant communities do not just appear. They are created through hard work, strategic planning, and by leaders and residents who see the benefits of local, regional and provincial cooperation.

To thrive, communities need leaders who are willing to build connections, to see the big picture, and to cooperate with their neighbours for the benefits of all New Brunswickers. Communities must build resiliency and be prepared for change, which sometimes can be dramatic. And they must be financially viable and environmentally stable.

Vibrant and sustainable communities attract investment, jobs, and people, which in turn supports the local economy and provides more money for infrastructure, lower taxes, and a higher quality of life.




Investing in long-term conservation
Part of creating vibrant and sustainable communities in our province includes making sure they are environmentally sustainable while considering long term conservation. More