These are our top priorities

Every dollar we spend without a plan will make life harder for our children and our grandchildren in the future. We need to make sure public services and programs are sustainable and provide good value for taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

We need a plan. What we’ve done in the past is not working. We need to find better ways for government to work more efficiently and collaboratively if we want to bring about the changes our province needs.

Affordable and Responsive Government

Getting our financial house in order will make it possible for government to be responsive and provide sustainable high-quality public services for all New Brunswickers.

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Dependable Public Health Care

New Brunswickers deserve a sustainable, high-quality health-care system where they are able to access the services they need when they need them.

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World-class Education

New Brunswick’s young people need access to a world-class education so they can make the most of their lives and compete in future job markets. 

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Energized Private Sector

All New Brunswickers benefit from a thriving private sector. Increasing private sector investment, growing our labour force and being home to successful businesses of all sizes is good for our province.

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Vibrant and Sustainable Communities

Vibrant communities are places people want to call home. More vibrant and sustainable communities make for a more resilient province.


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High-performing Organization

All New Brunswickers benefit when engaged and empowered civil servants use their talents and skills to make our province a better place.


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