Government of New Brunswick

The names of the recipients of the 2010 Order of New Brunswick were released as part of New Brunswick Day celebrations.

The award honours current or former long-time residents of New Brunswick who have demonstrated a high level of individual excellence and achievement in any field, having made outstanding contributions to the social, cultural or economic well-being of New Brunswick and its residents.



Biographical Notes


Dawn Arnold


Dawn Arnold has great passion for the written word. Her infectious enthusiasm for literature finds no more fitting home than as lead organizer of the Northrop Frye International Literary Festival held in Moncton each year.

Arnold has been a tireless volunteer for the Frye Festival since its inception in 1999.  Thanks to her extraordinary efforts it has become one of the most highly regarded and successful literary events in all of Canada.

For over 10 years the festival has brought together local, national and international authors with audiences of all ages in a unique, bilingual celebration of literature.

Under Arnold’s leadership the Frye Festival has grown to attract more than 17,000 participants per year.  She has also been instrumental in engaging the participation of schools, businesses and the greater community in the Festival’s mission to foster the discovery and enjoyment of reading.

Arnold’s commitment to feeding the imaginations of New Brunswickers of all ages has also enabled the successful expansion of the festival’s youth program.  During the 2010 event, 10,000 students had the opportunity to meet a distinguished Frye Festival author in their classroom, library, or auditorium, in schools all over New Brunswick.

Arnold’s other activities in support of the social and physical wellbeing of her community include being a board member for Vitality Moncton, where she has created and implemented a unique running club for children.  She is also a past member of the board of directors for the Capitol Theatre.

Dawn Arnold is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for her leadership in the promotion of the pleasure and enjoyment of literature among New Brunswickers of all ages, and in both official languages.


Wayne Brown


Wayne Brown is a well known and widely respected leader who has worked diligently to improve the social and economic condition of his community, St. Mary’s First Nation.

In his role as the Director of Sports, Recreation and Cultural Resources for St. Mary’s First Nation, Brown spearheaded efforts to develop the first-class sports facilities that assisted the community in securing the role as host of the 1994 Canadian Senior Women’s Softball Championships. It was the first time that a national softball tournament had ever been hosted in a Canadian First Nations community.  He also chaired the 1983 and 1987 New Brunswick Indian Summer Games. He coached the St. Mary’s Labatt Braves senior men's fast-pitch softball team. The first from Atlantic Canada to participate in the North American Indigenous Games, the team won a bronze medal in 1993 and gold medal in 1995.

Brown shares his passion for sport with the youth of his community.  With the benefit of his coaching many of those young people competed successfully on local, national and international levels. 

As economic development director for the St. Mary’s band, Brown’s efforts have supported his vision for a self-sufficient community.  He successfully negotiated a tripartite tax agreement with the Province of New Brunswick that paved the way for the community to develop the St. Mary’s Entertainment Centre. He managed the planning and construction of the facility, which now employs 134 people. He also was involved in the planning, development  and construction of the St. Mary's Kchikuhsis Mall / Office Complex. This development includes a supermarket, gas station, and employs 130 people.

Brown is a member of the International Softball Federation Hall of Fame, the Softball Canada Hall of Fame, the Softball New Brunswick Hall of Fame, and the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, and the Fredericton Sports Wall of Fame.

Wayne Brown is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his efforts to strengthen the social fabric and economic position of his community through sport, infrastructure development and the mentorship of up and coming leaders.


Pamela Coates


Pamela Coates has fought to raise awareness of and improve the lives of Canadians living in poverty for more than two decades.  Having once been a struggling single mom herself, Coates has become one of New Brunswick’s strongest champions for the poor.

She founded both the North End Food Bank in Saint John, and the poverty self-help organization ‘One Voice for All’ for which she was awarded the YMCA’s Peach Medal in 1995.

In 1996 she became the president of the National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO) and organized the first Atlantic Canada Conference for Poor People.

In 1998 Coates was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of New Brunswick in Saint John for her tireless efforts in support of the anti-poverty movement.  She went on to represent Canada’s poor in an address before the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland later that same year.

Coates was also instrumental in the implementation of a direct deposit option for income assistance recipients, allowing New Brunswickers to access this support in a manner that maintains their dignity.

Most recently, Coates was an important contributor to the Government of New Brunswick’s development of a poverty reduction strategy. 

Pamela Coatesis receiving the Order of New Brunswick for her dedication to the elimination of poverty and her efforts to empower and improve the lives of New Brunswickers.


Reuben Cohen


Reuben Cohen has built a lasting legacy thanks to his generous support of education, the arts and community endeavors in his native Moncton and throughout Atlantic Canada for more than 60 years.

Cohen began practicing law in 1945 after completing his law degree at Dalhousie University in 1944.

Having found success in both his legal practice as well as around the board tables of several major companies, Cohen became a passionate philanthropist.  He was the driving force behind the successful fundraising efforts of numerous community organizations, including:  the YMCA of Greater Moncton, Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation Inc., and the Moncton Rotary Club.

Cohen is presently Chancellor Emeritus of Dalhousie University and has received a number of honourary degrees such as Doctor of Laws from L’Université de Moncton (1973), Acadia University (1983), St. Thomas University (1985), University of New Brunswick (1988), Dalhousie University (1988), and Mount Allison University (2003).
He has been a great friend and benefactor to the universities of Atlantic Canada.  His contributions continue to provide great benefits to region’s students.

Cohen was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada in 1979, promoted to Officer in 1990, and named a Companion of the Order in 2001.

Reuben Cohen is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his contributions to the advancement of academic excellence in Atlantic Canada and the success of social endeavors in his home community of Moncton.


Evérard Daigle


Evérard Daigle has dedicated more than 50 years to advancing his vision for the social, cultural and economic prosperity of the Town of Grand Falls.

During the 1950s and 1960s Daigle was an up-and-coming entrepreneur as well as a potato farmer.  During that period he opened Daigle Motors Ltée, a Canadian Tire Store, and operated Valley Lumber Ltd., a mill that employed 40 people.

His community involvement as an elected official began in 1952 when he was elected member of the local school board, a post he held for 10 years.  In 1960 he became the founding president of the Grand Falls Chamber of Commerce, and in 1961 joined the board of directors for the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) and also in 1961 was the founding president of the Grand Falls Potato Festival.  Member, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, since 1955.  Promoter of the Grand Falls Manor in 1977.

In 1967 he began his political career in earnest, when he became the mayor of the Town of Grand Falls.  It was a position he held for five straight terms.  He continued his public service as a member of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly for another 13 years. 

During his time as Mayor and MLA, Daigle’s persistence and tenacity were key to the success of a number of important projects in the community, including:  a new industrial park, school, low income housing units, and critical infrastructure for transportation and water.

Daigle was also instrumental in the attraction of new investment in the region.  McCain Foods Ltd. and Enflo Canada Ltd. both established major parts of their operations in Grand Falls and created a significant number of jobs.

In 1973 Daigle was named ‘Person of the Year’ in northwestern New Brunswick and was accorded a lifelong membership to the Falls and Gorge Commission for his promotion of Grand Falls and gorge as a tourist attraction and stimulus to the local economy.

Evérard Daigle is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his unwavering dedication to creating economic opportunity and prosperity for the residents of his community.


Gérard Haché


Gérard Haché is a very generous person, known for his altruism. During his long career, this exemplary volunteer has defended numerous social and economic causes, particularly in education, health and in the parish. His native village of Saint-Isidore has benefited a great deal from his dedication to the community.

After spending time in the Canadian Armed Forces during the Second World War, Mr. Haché pursued part-time training by correspondence in order to complete the education he received at the parish school. As an independent learner he acquired a very broad range of knowledge, from aviation to commerce and health care management. He founded G.G. Haché & Frères Ltée, a family business specializing in farm machinery, which has contributed to the economic prosperity of Saint-Isidore as well as the Acadian Peninsula.

In 1966, he presided over the new school board no. 7, which amalgamated the various school districts in the area. In particular, he took an active role in the construction of a more functional, modern school to provide quality education to students in the Saint-Isidore region.

In 1995, the Diocese of Bathurst asked him to chair its fundraising campaign to raise $5,000,000 for the needs of the diocese. The campaign was a success.

Well known for his dedication to the residents of his area, Mr. Haché was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in 1967. He was noteworthy for his support of the most disadvantaged citizens. He contributed particularly to the improvement of roads, management of schools and construction of a new hospital.

In addition to his qualities as a public figure, businessman and politician, he is also a man of faith and education. He was appointed a member of the parish committee for 50 years, 25 of which were as Chair. 

He has been awarded two memorable distinctions: the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada and the rank of Officier de l’Ordre de la Pléiade in recognition of his significant contribution to the well-being of his fellow citizens and community.

Gérard Haché is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his dedication to his fellow citizens and his contribution to the social and economic development of the province.


Gerard Losier


Gerard Losier is a passionate health care and community activist, philanthropist and dedicated physician, known affectionately to many as ‘the doctor who lives at the hospital’.  He and his wife, Judy have been married since 1988 and have two sons, Evan and Jantzen.

As a third generation physician, Dr. Losier has built on his family’s extraordinary legacy of health-care service to the Miramichi region through his belief in service to others and his desire to give back to the community. 

Dr. Losier proposed to pilot a ‘Hospitalist Position’ at Miramichi Regional Hospital for patients without a family doctor. His innovation and leadership in advancing medical services lead to the ‘hospitalist solution’ being adopted at MRH, and has since been implemented in other jurisdictions.

His long-term commitment to providing health care assistance has helped to ensure that the vital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) continues to be available at the Miramichi Regional Hospital.  Dr. Losier’s voice is currently being heard in the mission to obtain a permanent Magnetic Resonance Indicator (MRI) for the community of Miramichi.

Dr. Losier has dedicated himself, with humility and quiet determination, to bettering the quality of life for the citizens of Miramichi.  Dr. Losier and his wife, Judy, have donated $1.5 million to the Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation for future medical equipment in the form of the Losier Family Endowment.

In 2007, Dr. Losier received the Miramichi Chamber of Commerce Business Award for Excellence, and earlier this year, he received the Paul Harris Fellowship award for exemplary ‘service above self’.  He was also made Freeman of the City of Miramichi in May 2010.  He has donated to St. Michael’s Basilica in Miramichi which is his lifelong church a total of $200,000.

Gerard Losier is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his dedication to the field of health care, his generous philanthropy and the significant contributions he has made to his community.


Susan Rickards


Susan Rickards has been serving Canada and New Brunswick for over 30 years as a writer, teacher, social justice activist and a visionary.

The work of Mrs. Rickards has had a profound impact on national, provincial and local levels.  Her passion for including the vulnerable and marginalized people of our society helped create the Federal Government’s strategy for the fight against homelessness in 1998-1999. This led to the adoption of the Federal Government National Homelessness Initiative, the most ambitious community based federal social program in Canada’s history.

Mrs. Rickards has been a voice for thousands of Canadians living on the streets, in homeless shelters and in low-income housing. Her capacity to listen and ability to empathize with the challenges and concerns of society’s most vulnerable, paired with her talent in translating that into the written word, has made her a powerful voice in the social justice sector.

In 2007, Mrs. Rickards was a member of the Premier’s Community Non-Profit Task Force. She was assigned to write the final report, “Blueprint for Action: Building a Foundation for Self-Sufficiency.”  The report resulted in government recognition of the crucial role that non-profit organizations play in ensuring the economic and social inclusion of New Brunswick’s most vulnerable citizens.  Mrs. Rickards serves on a number of boards for non-profit organizations.

Most recently, Mrs. Rickards was instrumental in the development and adoption of the first New Brunswick poverty reduction plan. The documents she prepared again captured her unique ability to describe and express the sentiments of the people.

As an instructor at UNB's Department of Adult Education, STU's Social Work Department and Renaissance College, she has continued to teach and inspire countless others with her principles of sustainable community development.  Mrs. Rickards also practices what she preaches, giving generously of her own resources to help others.

Mrs. Susan Rickards is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for her attentive activism and her engaged citizenship.


Zoël Saulnier


Zoël Saulnier is well known for his socio-cultural and ecclesiastical engagement in New Brunswick. Father Saulnier, a passionate Acadian, is a major promoter of Acadian literature and heritage.

He distinguished himself very early on through his academic accomplishments, obtaining his first university degree at age 18, and another at age 24, in Theology, summa cum laude (with highest distinction), from Université Laval. After some pastoral experience in the Diocese of Bathurst, he earned a graduate degree at the University of Ottawa.

Father Saulnier is a man who is proud of his Acadian heritage. His patriotism was clearly demonstrated during his involvement in the Parti Acadien. He also chaired an action committee to establish a Francophone school board in the Bathurst region. As a result of Saulnier’s efforts, the Province set up homogeneous boards throughout New Brunswick, making bilingualism a tangible reality in the education system.

At that crucial moment in the life of Zoël Saulnier and in the history of Acadie, he was part of the executive of the SAANB (Société des Acadiens et des Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick) and agreed to help organize the États généraux de l’Acadie, which led to an Acadian national convention.

This prolific ambassador of the Acadian culture has played a prominent role in the promotion of the arts among Acadians. He has given much to the various cultural and social committees and has presided over many organizations. To this day, he is actively involved in the Comité d’animation culturelle du patrimoine (CACP) in Tracadie-Sheila, the Prix littéraire Antonine-Maillet-Acadie Vie, the Corporation F.X. LaFrance and the Tracadie-Sheila Public Library. He is also founding president of La Fondation Roger Comeau Inc. to help young people on the Acadian Peninsula who have cancer.

In 1999, he was inducted into the Tracadie-Sheila Hall of Fame for his social and cultural contribution to the public. In 2002, he was awarded the Jubilee Medal on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, and in 2004, he received the rank of Chevalier of the Ordre de la Pléiade.

Zoël Saulnier is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for his dedication to Acadian cultural heritage and the French language and his ongoing efforts on behalf of the people of New Brunswick.


Ruth Stanley


Ruth Stanley has been active as an advocate for gender equality, youth, health care and the arts. Her advocacy stems from a strong belief in the importance of being involved in her community and in the promotion and preservation of the cultural and historical heritage in New Brunswick.

The former Provincial First Lady has represented many firsts throughout her life. She was the only woman and gold medalist in her class at McGill Law School in the first year women could practice law in Quebec.  She was admitted to the Bar of Montreal in 1945.  She was the first woman to chair a hospital board in New Brunswick and also the first feminine member of the Fredericton Garrison Club.

Dr. Stanley understood young people and encouraged them in their endeavors.  She has connected with youth across the province, particularly young girls through her role as Honorary Commissioner of New Brunswick’s Girl Guides of Canada.

As an advocate for improved health care, Dr. Stanley used her determination and negotiation skills to ensure that the present day Sackville Memorial Hospital was built and has remained an up-to-date facility.  Dr. Stanley was the Honorary President of the New Brunswick Mental Association and felt strongly that this area of health needed a higher profile.

Her contribution to the arts and culture in New Brunswick is something of which Dr. Stanley is particularly proud.  She was president of the Sackville Art Association as well as the Honorary President of the Board of the New Brunswick Museum, and is an Honorary Life Member of the N.B. Craft Council. A strong supporter of provincial heritage preservation organizations, Dr. Stanley was awarded honorary degrees by Mount Allison and St. Thomas Universities.

Ruth Stanley is receiving the Order of New Brunswick for long and active dedication to the arts, health care and the promotion of gender equality.