Health plan action areas

Access to Primary Care

Primary health care is critical to making sure that people get the care they need in a timely manner. The NB Health Plan outlines clear actions to ensure that all New Brunswickers will have access to primary care.

We know that there are New Brunswickers on a waitlist for a primary care provider and we know this number has grown as several doctors moved or retired, there has been an increase in immigration and interprovincial migration. The plan outlines a path forward for ensuring individuals waiting for a family doctor or nurse practitioner will have access to primary care in other ways. To address this, we will need to look differently at how primary care has been viewed and delivered in the province.

Action Areas

Access to Surgery

Action Areas

New Brunswick has fallen behind on surgical wait times. Progress is being made to reduce surgical wait times, measures are being implemented to build on that momentum. 

Support Seniors to Age in Place

Most New Brunswick seniors value their independence and would prefer to remain for as long as possible in their homes and close to friends and family. For seniors, the plan aims to improve the support and services available in their homes and communities. This will allow seniors to maintain their independence longer by aging in place at home, which will help to reduce the strain on the health-care system.

Action Areas

Access to Addiction and Mental Health Services

Action Areas

New Brunswick is revolutionizing its approach to addiction and mental health services. We are introducing best practices, reducing wait times, and adapting to the Stepped Care model that matches clients with the level of care they need.

Create a Connected System

The NB Health Plan will make our health-care system easier to navigate by creating a more connected system through increased use of technology and improved efficiencies. By providing people with their own health-care information and renewing our systems to reduce repeat testing, we are taking steps to make sure New Brunswickers have the care they need when they need it.

Action Areas