New Brunswick’s
health plan

Evolving health care for the future of our province

The state of New Brunswick’s health-care system

Our health-care system, like many across our country, is in crisis. People are seeing long waits for tests and surgeries, hospitals are experiencing unexpected closures, emergency rooms are supporting community health in ways they were not intended to, and staff shortages and burnout are more common. These challenges are not new, but were worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. The NB Health Plan was developed as a roadmap for the steps we need to take to stabilize and evolve the health-care system for the future of our province.

How was the plan developed?

In 2021, we began by holding public engagement sessions across the province. The feedback we received helped shape the plan. The ideas, stories and input from many New Brunswickers and health-care professionals helped to guide us as we moved forward to write the plan and will continue to help as we take action.

Looking at our response to the COVID-19 pandemic showed us how innovation, technology, removing red tape and individual action can help to make improvements in the health-care system. We saw many successes that we can build upon – if we continue to innovate and work together as government, stakeholders, and community members.

What is in the plan?

The NB Health Plan is a five-year road map for evolving health care in New Brunswick. It is an “evergreen” document – this means there may be unexpected challenges we face that will require us to adjust course when necessary and we will be transparent when that happens. The plan highlights the most significant initial challenges that, when addressed, will help us to strengthen the system now and support further actions in the years ahead.

Our success relies on the collaboration of government, stakeholders, health care professionals and community members. This is our call to action.


Action Areas

Action Areas

The plan outlines five specific areas for action and identifies key enablers to success:

  • Access to Primary Care
  • Access to Surgery
  • Create a Connected System
  • Access to Addiction and Mental Health Services
  • Support Seniors to Age in Place

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Halfway into the five-year plan, 27 of the 35 initiatives have already been completed. Work on the remainder is underway. The mid-term update provides an overview of the progress to-date.

Working closely with partners, we are identifying the next set of actions that will continue to address growing challenges in the delivery of health care in this province.

For the most recent quarterly progress report, as well as featured material please visit the New Brunswick Health Council.

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Action Areas

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