Tips for a successful webinar

Control your workspace

Choose a quiet workspace with no disruptions. Background noises can make it difficult to follow the conversation.

Get connected

Use a hard-wired connection. Wi-Fi signals can fluctuate and negatively affect sound and image quality which can lead to missed information and interpretation service interruption. Close all other programs.


Will there be any background noise or distractions? Examples: Children, Pets, TV/Radio, children, outdoor noise, etc.


Will you be comfortable in the same location for the entire presentation?


Have you considered the lighting in your room?

Too bright/too dark makes it hard to see you. Ensure that all lights and windows are in front of you if possible.


Make sure the camera is positioned directly toward your face at eye-level - not
angled up or down.

Make sure your speakers are working, the volume is turned up and the microphone is not too close to the speakers.

Using headphones will help improve audio quality.

Close all other programs.