Local Government Elections
November 28, 2022


On November 28, 2022, local elections will be held by Elections New Brunswick as part of the local governance reform initiative. 

Our current structure has 340 entities, including 104 local governments and 236 local service districts. The new structure will have 77 local governments and 12 rural districts. 

Under the new structure, some local governments will be electing entirely new councils. In other local governments, by-elections will be held to fill new council positions and in some local governments, elections are not required. 

In addition, first elections will be held in 12 newly created rural districts to elect councillors who will sit as members of rural district advisory committees. 

Visit ElectionsNB  to find out more about your local government and whether an election will take place. 

For those interested in running in the special election, nomination forms and additional information for candidates can be found at ElectionsNB.

Residents are encouraged to be part of local governance reform by voting in these historic elections. For information on where and how to vote, visit ElectionsNB or contact Elections New Brunswick at 1-888-858-8683 (VOTE).