Government of New Brunswick

 Concerned about a child or youth and not sure where to turn?

Child and Youth (CY) teams are multidisciplinary teams composed of professionals in various fields, such as psychology, social work and education who have experience working with children and youth with emotional, behavioural or mental health and addictions issues.

Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) for Children and Youth and Families

A new approach to the delivery of service:

  • The right service.
  • The right time.
  • The right intensity.


 Not sure where to turn?

Need support now?

Government departments, schools, community agencies and service-providers in New Brunswick have come together to help children and youth who have emotional, behavioural, mental health or addiction needs.

What is Integrated Service Delivery (ISD)?

The Government of New Brunswick has adopted a child and youth-centered ISD framework, to improve services and programs for children and youth up to the age of 21.

Services are available in schools and other community settings. They are provided in places that are comfortable for children, youth and families. Requests for these services can be made by youth, families, schools and service-providers from the community.

Who provides ISD services?

Services are provided by ISD Child and Youth (CY) teams. The oversight for the CY teams is provided by Addiction and Mental Health Services. These teams are made up of caring professionals with training in counselling, social work, occupational therapy, psychology, education, nursing, mental health and addictions. They specialize in working with children, youth and their families. Team members offer support, encouragement and help for children and youth.

What can you expect from a CY team member?
  • To be heard.
  • To be understood.
  • To receive help in identifying a starting point for support.
  • To be linked with helpful services.
  • To be included in decision-making.
  • To recognize people’s strengths.
  • To receive support and/or treatment tailored to your family’s needs.


 Collaboration and support

CY team members work with community organizations and individuals committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and families. This may include partnerships with government departments, police services, non-governmental agencies, community groups and early childhood service providers.

In schools, CY team members work closely with schoolbased Support Services to Education teams to provide entry points for accessing ISD services. These services are also available at any Addiction and Mental Health Services clinic.