Housing for All

Information about New Brunswick’s housing strategy

Addressing New Brunswick’s housing challenge

We recognize the importance of being responsive to the housing market changes and challenges in New Brunswick. We are taking into consideration factors impacting housing in the province, like: 

  • population growth
  • changing preferences for accommodations
  • skilled labour shortage
  • cost pressures that limit the market’s ability to respond 
  • a competitive real estate market

This NB Housing Strategy: Housing for All has been developed with input and ideas from hundreds of stakeholders across the province. Through engagement sessions and a provincial housing summit, we received valuable input and ideas that have helped shape the strategy.

One of the most important elements of our strategy is its focus on supporting residents from becoming unhoused. We’ve identified funding in this strategy from the province and our strategic partners to help achieve this goal.

Our strategy

Based on the input from stakeholders, four pillars were developed with initiatives that balance immediate needs while also laying a strong foundation to meet future needs.

The strategy is designed to be responsive to changing markets and needs by incorporating additional stakeholder ideas over time; and adjusting projects and initiatives that are not achieving intended results.

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NB Housing Strategy: Housing for All

Market housing

  • Provide financial support to develop workforce housing in small communities
  • Invest in resources to enhance the Tenant and Landlord Relations Office and data collection (formally called the Residential Tenancies Tribunal)
  • Limit property assessment increases to 10% per year (spike protection mechanism)
  • Promote modular as an attractive housing option

Affordable housing 

  • Working capital fund for affordable housing development
  • Provide funding to incent NB public universities to build student housing
  • Support for Habitat for Humanity in building affordable homes
  • Make available surplus government owned properties for affordable housing development
  • Provide financial support to make homes affordable
    • Create a rent bank to provide financial support to renters in emergency housing needs.

Social and supported housing

  • Invest in provincial housing
    • Build more public housing units
    • Repair existing public housing units
    • Test and remediate radon in public housing units 
  • Provide support to help housing partners invest in subsidized housing
    • Increase funding to convert rentals to subsidized units
    • Increase funding for the development of subsidized units
    • Increase funding for more accessible units
    • Improve the delivery of housing programs
    • Provide rent subsidies directly to renters

Create a housing system with a strong foundation

Help municipal representatives address housing challenges

  • Support communities develop housing plans
  • In partnership with communities, reduce barriers by improving policies and by-laws
  • Create a path forward for transportation options in small communities

Enable housing development

  • Help ensure sustainability of non-profits
  • Increase supply of skilled trades professionals
  • Invest in infrastructure development in small communities


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