Why New Brunswick?


New Brunswick, Canada offers a quality of life that's sure to suit your lifestyle and help create the balance you are looking for. In New Brunswick, you’ll find:

  • Shorter commutes: In New Brunswick, you’ll never have to worry about bumper-to-bumper traffic again, with an average commute time of 18.9 minutes. Less time commuting means more time for yourself, your friends, and your family. 
  • Affordable housing: The average cost for a house in New Brunswick is $179,988, the lowest in Canada, and only a fraction of what is paid in Toronto or Vancouver.
  • Quality education: As Canada’s only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick’s public-school system includes four (4) anglophone and three (3) francophone districts that govern public schools from kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12). This means your child can be educated in French or English, with many immersion options available. 
  • Post-secondary studies: New Brunswick is home to four public universities, two community colleges making up a combined 11 campuses across the province (6 English, 5 French), and many private institutions, providing many options to graduating high school students. 
  • Business opportunities: With the lowest operating costs in Canada, New Brunswick is a great area to start or expand a business. The below agencies and resources are here to support entrepreneurs

• Opportunities New Brunswick

• ACOA Business Information Services

• Community Business Development Corporations

  • Childcare: Families moving to New Brunswick will have access to financially affordable, quality child care services for infants, pre-schoolers, and school-aged children. Families will pay no more than 20% of their gross annual family income to cover child care costs. For more information on childcare in New Brunswick, please visit www.gnb.ca/parentportal.

New Brunswickers care about each other

So, live in one of our quiet, safe communities, where you will be welcomed with the warm customs for which Maritimers are renowned. Create your balance in New Brunswick.