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While New Brunswick benefits from having relatively high vaccination rates, COVID-19 is not going to disappear entirely. Variants continue to emerge across the world and new research becomes increasingly available. The province and our schools will continue to see COVID-19 cases throughout the upcoming school year. This is why we will continue to implement layers of protection and everyone should continue to follow protective health measures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and minimize disruptions to learning through the coming year. By continuing to follow best practices and protective health measures as we transition to living with COVID-19, we can support students in a more normal day-to-day life, so they enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

# of new cases since November 25


# total number of cases since Sept. 7, 2021


# new schools impacted since November 25


# of schools actively impacted by cases


# of schools impacted since Sept. 7, 2021


Schools with new cases :

  • NEW: Millerton Elementary & Junior High School (zone 7) 
  • NEW: Centennial School (zone 2) 
  • NEW: Bayview School (zone 2) 
  • Gretna Green School (zone 7) 
  • École Le Sommet (zone 1) 
  • Devon Middle School (zone 3)
  •  Forest Hills School (zone 2)

Schools with COVID-19 related operational days today: 

  • Gretna Green School
  • Millerton Elementary & Junior High School
  • Devon Middle School
  • École Le Sommet

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