Government of New Brunswick

Digital New Brunswick is a strategy that will help improve the way the government serves New Brunswickers. The strategy proposes placing citizens and businesses in New Brunswick at the centre of everything the provincial government does, while leveraging digital technology as an enabler for effective and efficient service delivery. Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. These include social media, cloud computing, interoperable systems, online games and applications, multimedia, productivity applications, and mobile devices. The vision is for New Brunswick to become the first digital society in North America.

The initiatives in Digital NB are grouped under seven main areas that address New Brunswick’s critical needs:

  1. Re-imagined services and programs: Re-designed government services and programs that put citizens and businesses at the centre.
  2. People-powered: Skills, culture and experience within the workforce that will enable the digital transformation.
  3. Information as a game-changer: Increased access and use of information within GNB and the public.
  4. Business and technology modernization: Modernization of business processes, standards, and technology infrastructure and software applications.
  5. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Risk/opportunity balanced approach to adopting innovative business solutions and realizing outcomes.
  6. CyberSafe: Cyber security, innovation and growth that continually meets the information security needs of the Province while supporting economic growth.
  7. Success through leadership: Governance and strong leadership to drive the transformation to a Digital Society.

This is not a technology plan. This is a transformation plan. The scale and pace of the initiatives required represent a fundamental change to people skills, business processes, technology, culture and use of information. By taking this approach, GNB will need to be prepared for a substantial reshaping of business and culture. Success will be demonstrated through the ability to provide citizen-responsive services, become more efficient and be technologically equipped to face the significant challenges that exist now and in the future.

The Digital New Brunswick strategy was prepared through a large collaborative approach involving employees from Parts 1 to 4 of the public service, academia and private sector stakeholders, students and citizens. The initiatives collectively developed are critical to New Brunswick’s ability to manage current and future realities.