Travel information

Registration is no longer required to enter New Brunswick from anywhere in Canada. If you are entering New Brunswick from outside of Canada, please consult the International travel section below.

International travel

It is the responsibility of the traveller to remain aware of and to comply with the standards for vaccination, testing, or documentation required by their travel destination, stop-over locations, and travel provider. 

The Government of Canada regulates the international border and travellers entering Canada. Travellers entering New Brunswick from international destinations are subject to federal testing and quarantine regulations.

For entry into Canada and Canada-U.S. border restrictions, visit the Government of Canada page and the Canada Border Services Agency page.

If you must travel to or from an international destination, please visit the Government of Canada's travel advice and advisories page for your destination(s) regularly to verify travel health recommendations and safety and security information.

If you are planning international travel, you may need:

Some destinations require a COVID-19 pre-entry test completed within 24 hours of travel and accept a rapid POCT antigen test (often referred to as a “Rapid Test”) supervised by a health care professional. Rapid POCT completed at-home may not qualify as a test for travel purposes. Supervised POCT antigen tests are available from several private providers.

The following companies offering fee-based travel testing

If you have recently recovered from COVID-19, your positive test result may be sufficient for you to travel.  Check the requirements with your destination. 

When and how to request a COVID-19 recovery letter for travel

For those who have had a recent infection of COVID-19, some destinations may require a COVID-19 recovery letter from a licensed health-care provider.

You can request a recovery letter through this service if :

  • require proof that you have recovered from COVID-19 for the purpose of travel;  AND
  • previously tested positive with a PCR test administered by Horizon or Vitalite Regional Health Authority at an assessment centre or hospital (test must have been administered at least 10 days prior to travel); AND
  • have recovered from COVID-19 and are no longer required to isolate (What to do if you have COVID-19)

You can not request a recovery letter through this service if:

  • you tested positive for COVID-19 outside of New Brunswick
  • your test was administered by a private sector testing provider
  • your COVID-19 positive result was obtained by use of a rapid POCT antigen test (often referred to as a “Rapid Test” or “At Home Test”). If you tested positive with an at-home POCT, and need a recovery letter to travel internationally, you can get a PCR test for travel in order to get a recovery letter.  Book a PCR test

If your test was administered by a private sector testing provider contact that provider for documentation.

To obtain a COVID-19 Recovery Letter for Travel call 1-833-437-1424. You will require the following information:

  • first and last name
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • health card number
  • alternate ID (such as your passport if you DO NOT have a health card)
  • positive PCR test date (must be at least 10 days prior to travel)

All recovery letters issued by New Brunswick Public Health state that a person is considered recovered 10 days after the date of their confirmed positive COVID-19 test.


Federal proof of vaccination for travellers

The new Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination document, which includes a QR code, is now available on MyHealthNB.

This document uses the federal standard format adopted across Canada, which is accepted by Canada Border Services Agency and ArriveCAN. It provides New Brunswickers who are travelling to jurisdictions that are using QR codes with a reliable way to show they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

It is recommended that people travelling internationally verify the travel requirements for their destination well in advance. Each country has its own regulations about what type of vaccination proof is required, the types of vaccines accepted, the number of doses required and any exemptions to public health measures.

When using the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination, it is recommended that you download the full PDF document, save the QR code as a JPG image file to your device and print a paper copy. This will ensure your destination is able to validate that your vaccination requirements have been met, regardless of whether they use a verifier application to scan the document.

See COVID-19: Proof of Vaccination in Canada for federal guidance on travel requirements outside of New Brunswick.

Proof of vaccination samples

The following items may be shown from your online immunization record in MyHealthNB.

For convenience, and to avoid delays, we strongly recommend that you print and/or take a screen capture of required documents in advance of travel and keep these for ongoing use.

Online Record of COVID-19 Immunization (print version)

A PDF copy of your online record of COVID-19 immunization can be used as an alternative or replacement to the paper original you received when vaccinated.

Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination

A federal standard document with a verifiable QR code, issued in New Brunswick. This document provides a reliable way to demonstrate that you are vaccinated against COVID-19 when travelling within and outside of Canada.