Register through a participating pharmacy

Who is eligible?

At this time, a pharmacy offering the COVID-19 vaccine, is accepting the following individuals for appointments:

  • Residents 70 years of age and older 
  • Workers who regularly travel across the border, including daily commuters, truckers and rotational workers


 For more information, please visit Who can get a vaccine right now?

How to book your appointment:

Step 1 – Preparing to book an appointment

Before you book

Before booking, please make sure you have the following:

  • Your calendar/agenda/day planner
  • Your provincial Medicare card
  • Your postal code
  • Your date of birth
  • Your phone number and email address (if applicable)


Step 2 – Contact a pharmacy where you would like an appointment

If you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and are ready to book, please consult the list of pharmacies in New Brunswick who are offering vaccine clinics and follow their steps to book your appointment.

Some pharmacies may have an online booking tool on their website. You are encouraged to check there before calling.

Select a date and location.

 Looking for a pharmacy?

Search Google Maps for pharmacies

Google Maps is a third-party platform and information is user-generated. GNB is not responsible for the accuracy of information on that platform.


Step 3 – Attending the appointment

 Important: If you have symptoms or feel ill on the day of your appointment for vaccination at a pharmacy, please do not attend the clinic. Call the pharmacy immediately to reschedule your appointment.

What to bring

  • Your provincial Medicare card
  • Your mask

What to wear

  • Vaccinations are given in the upper arm, so please wear a top that is easy to roll up or provides access to the upper arm such as a t-shirt
  • Follow public health measures, including wearing a community face mask during your immunization
  • Please arrive five (5) minutes before your scheduled appointment at your designated pharmacy
  • After your immunization, you will be asked to wait in the observation area for 15 minutes

Book your second dose

  • Consult your pharmacist about booking your second dose (within 14 weeks)