New Brunswick's COVID-19 Alert Levels



Orange COVID-19 alert level

Balancing the reopening of businesses and activities while preventing a resurgence of transmission. Significant risk that COVID-19 is no longer under control in the province.


  • Your household bubble is expanded to include 10 contacts (Steady10) from outside your household. How Steady10 Works.
    • This is to allow people to see at least some family members and close friends. 
    • This includes up to 10 people who do not live in your home that your household agrees on. 
    • These groups may socialize together, including going to restaurants.
    • Members of your Steady10 can include people from other zones that are in the same alert level and travel between zones to see these contacts is permitted.  
    • This will make contact tracing better when outbreaks happen and will also help slow the spread by keeping groups small. 

Social Gatherings

  • Indoor – Your household and Steady10 
  • Outdoor – Formal outdoor gatherings with physical distancing of 50 people or fewer are permitted with an operational plan. 
  • Informal gatherings (inside or out) are permitted only with your household and members of your Steady 10. 
    • A gathering is informal if it is not hosted by a business or organization in compliance with a formal COVID-19 operational plan that meets all requirements of the Mandatory Order. 


  • Masks mandatory in indoor public places. 
  • Masks required in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Face masks are required when accessing goods though a drive-thru window. Masks are required for workers and any occupants of the vehicle who will be within 2 metres of the drive-thru window
  • Driving with members of your household or Steady 10 is permitted and masks are not required.


Business / Retail

  • All other businesses, including food, beverage and retail, may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan. Distancing of two metres is required where food and beverages are served. Record keeping for seated venues is a requirement.
  • Occupancy of any facility must be based on the ability to maintain physical distancing between people that are not members of their household and Steady 10.


  • Licensed premises such as a bar or restaurant must ensure all patrons are seated at all times, except to enter and exit the premises and to go to and from washrooms. 
  • Individuals are only permitted to dine with their household and members of their Steady 10.

Entertainment Centres

  • Entertainment venues such as casinos, amusement centres, bingo halls, arcades, cinemas and large live performance facilities may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan. 
  • The occupancy limit is set at 50 or fewer, depending upon the size of the venue and the ability to ensure two metres of physical distancing, with continuous mask use and record keeping.


Gyms & Fitness

  • Gym, fitness facilities, and yoga studios may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan with additional public health measures, including:
    • Two metres of physical distancing, with masks, in low-intensity fitness classes such as yoga, tai chi, and stretching; and three metres of physical distancing for high-intensity activities such as spin, aerobics and boot camp.
    • active screening and record keeping of patrons.
    • closed locker rooms/common areas.

Spas / Salons

  • Barbers, hair stylists or spas may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan, with enhanced public health measures such as active screening of patrons, closed waiting rooms, and enhanced barriers.

Controlled venues

  • Controlled venues at which seating is offered for the purposes of eating, drinking, socialization, celebration, ceremony or entertainment are required to maintain a record of the names and contact information of all persons who attend. The same applies to anyone who hosts, organizes or permits gatherings larger than 50. Keep information in a secure place and not in the public view. More information can be found in Collection of names and contact information under the Mandatory Order COVID-19.
    • This will enable Public Health to conduct targeted contact tracing in an expeditious manner should there be a COVID-19 case associated with the facility.



  • Daycares and K-12 schools are open under strict guidance. Virtual teaching is to be used for at-risk populations. Day camps are allowed.


  • Daycares and K-12 schools are open under strict guidance. Virtual teaching is to be used for at-risk populations. Day camps are allowed.


  • Post-secondary educational institutions may operate.


Recreation / Sport

  • Outdoor recreational activities are allowed, including campgrounds, ATV or snowmobile trails.
  • Recreational and sport organizations may operate but are limited to practices and/or skills and drills within a single team.

Faith venues and services

  • Faith venues can operate under a COVID-19 operational plan. In-person services are limited to 50 participants, or fewer depending upon the size of the facility, with two metres of physical distancing. 
    • Continuous mask wearing is required. 
    • No singing is permitted. 
  • Other indoor religious observances, funerals, celebrations of life, marriage ceremonies, receptions and social gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited.



  • Travel between orange zones is permitted.
  • Compassionate exemptions for funeral attendance is permitted for people coming from outside the province. Application through the travel registration program is required. Individuals must isolate for five (5) days and get tested on day five. With a negative test on day 5 the individual(s) can attend the funeral.

Public transit

  • Public Transit can operate with 1m distancing between riders AND continuous use of a mask. Ensure space is available for individuals who require 2m distancing for medical reasons (e.g. immunocompromised and those that can’t wear mask).


  • Carpooling with others for work, school, medical appointments, or to access essential services such as groceries is permitted. When carpooling, continuous masking and maintaining physical distancing is required. If possible, only transport passengers outside your single household bubble in the back seat. Drivers must screen potential passengers for signs of illness, and drivers or passengers who are ill or who have been told to self-isolate by Public Health must stay home. Maximize ventilation in the vehicle, and do not recirculate the air. Clean and disinfect all surfaces that may have been touched by the passenger.


Medical care

  • Non-urgent medical procedures and elective surgeries are allowed.
  • Visits will be allowed in hospitals, as per regional health authority policy and guidance.
  • Primary care providers and regulated health professionals may operate but are urged to use virtual appointments whenever possible.

Long-term Care facilities

  • Strict visitor restrictions are to be maintained in settings with vulnerable people.

Unregulated health professionals

  • Unregulated health professionals may operate under a COVID-19 operational plan, with enhanced public health measures such as active screening of patrons, closed waiting rooms, and enhanced barriers.