Data notes

The Government of New Brunswick is providing New Brunswickers with a public dashboard site that provides a single location to obtain data about COVID-19 in New Brunswick and New Brunswick’s efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

New Brunswickers will be able to access the dashboard to see important data related to COVID-19 cases, testing, recovery phases, and other data, such as inter-provincial traffic statistics and hospital bed occupancy.

Updated Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.




There are three main data sources for the public dashboard. They are:

  • Regional Health Authorities: hospital bed occupancy and ICU bed occupancy
  • Department of Health: case counts, test numbers, epidemiology
  • Department of Public Safety: interprovincial traffic statistics



Dashboard usage tips

  • Hovering over data points on charts will provide details.
  • Clicking on map icons will provide more specific information related to recovery phase, traffic control points and healthcare facilities.
  • Click the top right corner of any chart/window to make it full screen. Click again to return to the dashboard view.



Traffic control point data

Traffic control point data is shown for the previous day and is divided between personal and commercial vehicles that arrived at a point of entry.

The “refused” number refers to the number of vehicles that were denied entry into the province. The refusal rate reflects the total number of refusals for that date compared to the total number of vehicles that arrived at a point of entry.



Health data

All case data is aggregated at the health zone level. No personal information is being shared in any parts of the dashboard, only counts.




This site and its content are made available by the New Brunswick Regional Health Authorities (NB RHAs), the New Brunswick Department of Health (NB DH) and the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety (NB DPS), and NB DPS GeoOperations as a public service without warranties of any kind, express or implied. While this data may not be free from error or omission, care has been taken to ensure the best possible quality. NB RHAs, NB DH, and NB DPS make no representations of warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information presented and the user assumes the entire risk as to the use of any or all information.

For more information on the Government of New Brunswick's response to COVID-19 visit the Government of New Brunswick coronavirus website at