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Workplace Covid 19 Point of Care Testing Program

Point of Care Testing (POCT) refers to a patient test that is performed outside of the laboratory. POCT is easy to use and can provide rapid results and identify those carrying the COVID-19 virus. 

Rapid antigen testing devices are Point of Care Tests that can be used to screen for COVID-19 and provide results on-site within 15 minutes. 

The POCT program in New Brunswick uses rapid antigen testing devices that have been authorized for use by Health Canada.  To be approved by Health Canada, manufacturers of testing devices are required to provide information related to the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the device.

The New Brunswick Department of Health has reviewed the documentation and available evidence related to the point of care testing process. Both the process and the Rapid antigen testing devices have been deemed safe and appropriate for serial use in at-home and workplace testing programs.



Workplace Covid 19 Point of Care Testing Program

New Brunswick’s Workplace COVID-19 Point of Care Testing program partners with organizations across the province to provide workplace rapid testing.

Every province has implemented its own POCT programs reflecting COVID-19 activity and trends in their jurisdiction.

Less than 300 employees

If you are a small or medium size employer (less than 300 employees) and would like to participate in the New Brunswick workplace testing initiative, please reach out to the Chamber of Commerce closest to you. Any business can apply, and you do not need to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to participate in this program.

Please reach out to one of the following for more information:

More than 300 employees

Are you a large employer with more than 300 employees?


COVID-19 Point of Care Testing (POCT) with the Canadian Red Cross

In partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick, the Canadian Red Cross is providing free COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to eligible non-profits, charities and Indigenous community organizations with workers based in New Brunswick.  

Visit www.redcross.ca/stopthespread for more information and to apply.