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Obstetrician - Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

Obstetricians - Gynecologists are specialized physicians who screen for, diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the female reproductive system and provide care during pregnancy, delivery, and the post-partum period.  To that end, they prescribe appropriate medications or treatments and perform any necessary obstetrical or surgical procedures.

Obstetricians - Gynecologists may continue their training and become specialists in a specific area, such as oncology, fertility and maternal-fetal (perinatal) medicine. 

An Exciting Field of Work

In general, Obstetricians - Gynecologists:

  • Diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system 
  • Examine patients to determine medical problems
  • Prescribes a course of treatment such as medication, surgery, or other procedures to women
  • Provide advice to women on family planning and birth control
  • Give prenatal, natal, and postnatal care to women
  • Monitor expectant mother to assure that the pregnancy is progressing normally.
  • Perform surgeries such as cesarean sections or other procedures
  • Assess the health of mother and fetus and the progression of labour
  • Perform normal and complicated deliveries
  • Offer women counselling on such topics as sexuality, pregnancy, menopause, women’s health, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases

Personal Characteristics / Skills

  • Good communication and interpersonnel skills
  • Good analytical & problem solving skills
  • Professionalism and high ethical standards
  • Compassion and maturity
  • Patience, respect and empathy
  • Excellent listening skills and ability to instill confidence
  • Capacity and eagerness to learn new skills and information

Education and Training

A Bachelor of Science and a Medical Doctor (MD) degree followed by an Obstetrics & Gynecology residency program is required.

Education program offered in New Brunswick

Medical Education programs are offered in New Brunswick by the following educational institutions:

Length of Study / Training

12.0 - 13.0 years

Licence and certification

To practice in New Brunswick, Obstetricians - Gynecologists must be licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick.

Helpful High School Courses

  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Employment and Common Working Conditions

Obstetricians - Gynecologists work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Private practice
  • Hospitals,
  • Clinics
  • Universities and medical schools

Obstetricians - Gynecologists (OB/GYNs) often work very long and irregular hours. The nature of the job often requires them to be on call at all hours for a variety of emergencies as well as patients giving birth, including evening, weekends and holidays.  This type of work can be physically and mentally demanding as OB/GYNs often make life or death decisions. 

Employment Prospects - very GOOD

With our aging population, it is anticipated that there will continue to be a high demand for Obstetricians - Gynecologists.