Safe storage

When storing cannabis products, consider the following to prevent accidental ingestion by others, especially children, youth, and pets.


Labels on all cannabis products

  • All legal cannabis products will have a label 

  • Make sure the label is always clearly visible 

  • If you make your own edible cannabis products, be sure to properly label them 

Store in child-safe containers

  • All legal cannabis products must be in child-resistant packages 

  • Make sure they are appropriately re-sealed after use 

  • Consider using a lockbox, lock bag or another type of safe storage unit 

Keep out of reach and sight of children and pets

  • Safely store and dispose of cannabis products in a place that is not easily visible and accessible by children or pets

  • Children and youth are at the greatest risk of serious health effects from over-intoxication from cannabis, especially when eaten or drank because there are stronger and longer-lasting effects.  

  • Some cannabis products can look like normal food or drinks - it can be difficult to tell the difference.  

  • Animals have a good sense of smell and will be tempted to eat something if accessible.

If a child eats or drinks any cannabis product, call 911.

If you notice suspicious behavior in a pet and cannabis exposure is a possibility, take the pet to a veterinarian or the nearest emergency veterinary hospital for treatment.