Cannabis education and awareness fund

Supporting education and awareness programs that equip New Brunswickers to make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis consumption.


The Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund (the Fund) is a special purpose trust dedicated to the provision of:

  1. Education and awareness programs related to cannabis, including programs concerning:
    1. the prevention of cannabis abuse in vulnerable populations
    2. the informed, responsible use of cannabis
    3. strategies for the reduction of the adverse health effects of cannabis 
  2. The development and implementation of policies and programs relating to the responsible consumption of cannabis reduction of its adverse health effects and the promotion of corporate social responsibility in the distribution and sale of cannabis 
  3. Research projects on cannabis and its consumption 
  4. Reimbursement of costs for initiatives undertaken by any individual or organization, or any department, corporation or agency of the Government of New Brunswick that are related to the purposes set out in 1, 2 and 3.

 The purpose of the Fund is to support the building of knowledge and gathering of data to understand the long-range implications of legalized cannabis. The research and educational findings will ensure that the programs in place in New Brunswick will help reduce harm and potential risks and create educational materials for those most at risk, such as youth. An Advisory Committee has been established, as required under the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act. The Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations on the disbursement of funds.  

About the fund



In preparation for Cannabis legalization, the Government of New Brunswick passed the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act (the Act). The fund is currently supported by two percent of the gross sales of cannabis from suppliers to the provincial retailer, Cannabis NB. 


New Brunswickers make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis use. This includes:  


  • Delaying the onset of cannabis use for those who choose to begin consuming cannabis
  • For those who consume cannabis, choosing to consume lower risk cannabis products
  • For those who consume cannabis, choosing to use cannabis in moderation
  • Choosing not to operate motor vehicles while consuming cannabis
  • New Brunswickers in vulnerable groups choose to abstain from cannabis, consume in moderation or deduce their consumption. And 
  • Choosing not to consume cannabis when pregnant or breastfeeding. 


Fund education and awareness initiatives, policies and programs that equip New Brunswickers to make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis consumption.


Funding priorities


Filling the Gap: Cannabis legalization is new to Canada and to New Brunswick. This means there may be a lack of New Brunswick-specific information about purchasing and consuming cannabis legally and responsibly as well as on the implications and impacts of cannabis consumption. 

Growing Knowledge: Enable researchers to investigate the best ways to increase the knowledge of cannabis, its effects and understand its consumption in New Brunswick. 

Supporting Evidence Based Decisions: It is important that New Brunswickers who choose to consume cannabis, or who are seeking information about cannabis, have access to reliable information. Making information relevant to target groups, such as university students, easily accessible and available when they need it supports New Brunswickers’ ability to make informed decisions. 

Empowering Stakeholders: Cannabis legalization affects all New Brunswickers. Some communities or groups may require a targeted approach to cannabis education and awareness programs. Stakeholders may apply for grants to facilitate targeted education and awareness messaging.  




The following three criteria must be met for an application to be considered under the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund: 

1. Within the limits of the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act 
Applications must be consistent with the parameters outlined in the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act. 

2. Clear New Brunswick focus 
Applications must demonstrate a clear New Brunswick focus.

Examples applicable:

  • New Brunswick population is the focus of research
  • Researcher is based in a New Brunswick University 
  • Program will be implemented in New Brunswick
  • Addresses an issue in a region or population of interest for New Brunswick

3. Commercial value is not the primary focus of the project
Application is not furthering commercial goals or seeking to support the cannabis industry. 

Examples not applicable:

  • Discovering new strains of cannabis
  • TCH/CBD extraction technology
  • Promotion or education about a brand 
  • Any promotion of cannabis consumption, including for medical purposes 

Evaluation criteria
The above being met, applications will be assessed by the Advisory Committee against the following weighted criterion:  

  • Project description: 25%
  • Experience of the Organization or Applicant: 15%
  • Adherence / applicability to funding priorities:  20%     
  • Methodology: 30% 
  • Environmental scan: 10%
  • Budget: Pass / Fail

Application process 

Prospective applicants will submit their completed application form to CEAFund/[email protected]  

Applications will be reviewed to ensure they are complete and meet the eligibility criteria. They will then be considered by the Advisory Committee.

Applicants will be advised of the Committee’s decision and informed of next steps.  

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