Cannabis in New Brunswick

Cannabis is legal in Canada. Find information and rules about legal cannabis, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids for New Brunswick.

Legal age, where you can buy and consume, how much you can possess and grow in New Brunswick.

Effects of cannabis on health including mental health concerns, risks for pregnancy and breastfeeding and combining cannabis with other substances. 

Lower-risk cannabis use and overconsuming cannabis.

Effects on youth and the teen brain, how to talk to youth about cannabis, tips for parents.
When storing cannabis products, consider the following to prevent accidental ingestion by others, especially children, youth, and pets.

Supporting education and awareness programs that equip New Brunswickers to make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis consumption.

Information and resources

Cannabis NB

Cannabis NB stores and Cannabis NB approved retailers are the only legal retailers. You must be 19 years of age to older to purchase

Cannabis in Canada

What you need to know about cannabis in Canada

Medical cannabis

Accessing cannabis for medical purposes

Travelling with cannabis

Rules and regulations around traveling with cannabis

Cannabis industry

The process for applying to be a licensed producer in Canada