New Brunswick Government budget information

2023-2024 Budget


$33.3 Million

additional investment in education to support our growing student population


$100+ Million

investment over the next three years to address housing issues


$3.6 Billion

in health-care spending


$19.3 Million

in additional support for social assistance clients


$54.6 Million

in wage increases for the human services sector


$70 Million

back into your pockets through tax cuts


$32.6 Million

in funding to combat crime. This includes a 15% increase in frontline RCMP officers

Growth and Opportunity: Delivering for New Brunswickers

The 2023-2024 budget which outlines significant investments in priority areas including health, education, and supporting vulnerable populations, while also maintaining a sustainable and responsible approach to managing its finances.

Key priority areas of the 2023-2024 budget include:

  • Energizing the private sector
  • Housing
  • Safe communities
  • Supporting vulnerable populations
  • Building a better education system


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“Our government is proud of the commitment we have made to being responsible with taxpayers’ money, and offering a balanced approach to spending on priorities, while ensuring a sustainable financial future,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Ernie Steeves. “Today’s budget builds on that foundation of delivering for New Brunswickers and investing in opportunities for growth and services that will support an increasing population.”

2023-2024 Capital Budget

2023-24 capital budget reflects increased demands brought on by population growth

The Finance and Treasury Board Minister, Ernie L. Steeves, tabled a $1.0 billion capital budget on December 6 that addresses inflationary pressures, recognizes labour and materials shortages, and invests in areas where demand is on the rise.